President`s Message

President's Message

Serve to change lives

Imagine a world where you could say to a colleague I wish we could eradicate Polio and the people listened and worked together to achieve that common goal. Rotary has been working to achieve that goal and has now resulted in the reduction of Polio cases by 99.9%. Rotary is a global network whose members believe they have a shared responsibility to work together to promote peace, provide clean water to communities, grow local economies, network together to provide service to others and build and promote professional and community leaders. Imagine a world where you can ask for assistance and people listen!. Sunbury Rotary is made up of those people. People who see opportunities that are needed and people who will assist.

Since 1973 Rotary Sunbury has been assisting both local and international communities. Some of the projects we have been involved in include the Drive 120 program, funding of a post-natal cot at the Royal Childrens hospital, commencing the Maternal Health Kits in Cambodia, Helping our Hospital Heroes project, introduction of the Childrens first foundation, Opening the Sunbury Neighbourhood kitchen and building the Rotunda in Rotary Park to name a few.

The theme for Rotary this year is `Serve to Change Lives` I believe the Rotary club of Sunbury has been doing this since it was founded. The Rotary Club of Sunbury is made up of people who have continually shown a dedication to support the local community and International projects around the world. The club was founded by Charter President Mr. Ron Geyer (RIP), we currently have two honorary member with plans for an additional two this year. The theme for this year is  serve to change lives where we will continue to look to our community for inspiration. The club meets at 7pm on a Tuesday night at Club Sunbury, 49 Riddell Road. During lockdowns we will meet via Zoom and invites are always open. If you are a visiting Rotarian, or are interested in attending one of our meeting please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We would love to see you either in person or via Zoom. Please see our Join Rotary page for information about becoming a member.

Please see our Join Rotary page for information about becoming a member

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Yours in Rotary,
Janelle Walters
President 2021 - 2022