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Speaker - Andrew Lund and Monical Schopp

Last week Andrew Lund and Monica Schopp from Melbourne Airport attended the evening meal prior to their presentation which was a fantastic way of ensuring their inclusion in fellowship. Thank you to all who helped make them feel welcome. The discussion was in regards to the operation update for Melbourne Airport and the third runway which is currently being planned and approved. Andrew spoke about how they had planed not only a third runway but a future 4th runway. Currently we have two runways the third will be running parallel to the North and South runway and will be available for use 362 days per year, they estimate that due to wind conditions 3 days of the year it will not be available for use. The runway itself will be 3000 M long with a slight uphill slope. The airport is capable of having around 60 movements per hour, they expect with the implementation of the third runway this will increase to 90 which will provide capacity in the upcoming year. The runway is due to open in 2027. The build will include 6 million m3 of general high quality full (this is the equivalent volume of 4 MCG’s) 750,000m2 of pavement (3,000 tennis courts) 650 people will be involved in the construction The Airport is slowly getting back to a new COVID normal with airlines now filling their seats. The Busiest day so far this year was Friday April 29th with a total of 46,482 departing passengers, this was only 2% less than the record set in 2018.