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Ron Cook Memorial Scholarship Award

Ron Cook Memorial Scholarship evening was held on Tuesday the 22nd of February and what an amazing night.
Sunbury Downs Dux Evie Van Emmerik was introduced by Assistant Principal. Evie was described as having a close knit group of friends, she had an outstanding rapport with her teachers. Evie was actively involved in all of her Google classes and she was able to identify her own learnings. She is an adventurous determined, resilient and persistent person with a quirky sense of humour.
Salesian College Dux Samantha Dickson was introduced by Paul Menta. Samantha was described as an excellent student and in 2021 won a variety of awards within the school including a Health Literacy award. She is energetic and enthusiastic, surrounded by good friends and has a great strength of character. Mr Menta described her as someone who had obvious intellect, determination, she is someone who shows kindness to others.
Sunbury College Dux Emma Drummond introduced by Fiona Scott-Young. Fiona explained that Emma received an ATAR of 98 which is amazing. Over the last 2 years Emma along with all students had to do both remote and on site learning, she was supported by her amazing family and is headed to Melbourne University to complete a Bachelor of Science and plans to do science research. She is a quiet insightful person who is both humble and hardworking. She has a great sense of humour and a great support network.