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Tuesday the 31st of May meeting was great fun, We had Tina Coleman from Reliance real-estate agency come and have a chat, in true real-estate style she brought her entire team so the room was full with half Rotarians half real-estate agents ☺ . Tina, Jess and Honey spoke about the different areas that they work in. Tina gave us a brief overview of the Agency, Jess spoke about rental properties and Honey spoke about sales. It was a lively discussion with the team from Reliance friendly and accommodating. Jess spoke about the changes to the rental laws and how they are managing this and how they are updating their clients. She spoke about the difficulty between working for the clients and the renters and how they manager to try and keep everyone happy. Honey was adorable and a true salesman. He spoke about how he started his real-estate journey in Melton and has now come to Sunbury and the improvements he has seen on the way. He spoke about how his aim was to ensure any property he sold was one that was a record breaker for the street. Tina and her team had discussed how they could assist the club as they were aware of issues relating to fundraising. Reliance real-estate agency has given the club a number of flyers which have a section on the reverse side which assists with giving back to our local community. They have suggested that any Rotarians – all investment properties that are signed up through the promotion code 00006 will receive 2 months free property management or all properties sold with reliance through the promotion code 00005 will receive 10% of the commission price donated back to the Sunbury Rotary Club. I would like to thanks all 9 of the Reliance team for attending the meeting. Tina Coleman and her team Nieve, Jess, Sarah, Prince, Honey, Ann, Harry and Rory