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PDG Terry Grant

Recently PDG Terry Grant spoke to us about his recent trip for the Rotary International Legislation Conference. The council ended up with 88 new proposed enactments to discuss and deliberate. In total there was approximately 350 face to face delegates and 198 Virtual delegates. The proposed enactments took 5 days to discuss and we were told that it was a lot of work (sounded like a lot of fun) but very well organised by RI. This was the first time that RI had held the conference as both a virtual and face to face event. All delegates used electronic voting blackberries which registered your vote and automatically recorded and displayed current and upcoming items of business around the facility, also showing the voting outcome for each decision. They did also have some “old fashioned” voting papers Red = in opposition, Green=support the motion, Yellow= review, striped= end of discussion. We were told the striped ones were used regularly on the last day.