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Hospital Bed

On 31 August an e-mail was sent from a retired Rotarian to the club. The e-mail was as follows:
A friend of the family who is 56 years of age contracted Covid-19 in late 2020, as there is a history of kidney problems on the mothers side of the family, the effect of COVID was that Andy”s  kidney function completely failed. Up until approximately three weeks ago the patient had been going to hospital every second day for treatment lasting five hours. He has since had a dialysis machine installed at home, which he is connected to from nine PM Until six AM daily. The problem is, that he finds that the machine operates more efficiently when he is standing up, rather than laying down, as result he is not getting the maximum efficiency from the machine, or rest. It would be greatly appreciated if the Rotary Club of Sunbury could locate a retired hospital bed that could Assist with quality of life
Over the next couple of days Rotarian’s sprang to life, there were multiple calls, e-mails to and from, how, where, when who can organise this. DIK in Footscray had one available, we organised pick up and again organised a group of people to assist with unloading. It was an amazing effort to have this in his house on Tuesday 6th September (only 7 days after his request). We are told the patient was thrilled that this could occur so quickly.