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Crystal Croxford Police Person of the Year

Crystal Croxford Police Person of the Year Award for Sunbury was a great success. David Allan Chaired the meeting and had done an amazing job of organising this. Our Guest speaker for the evening was Senior Sergeant Nathan Parker for the Sunbury Police Station who spoke about his new role at the Sunbury Police station and the police people under his command. This year we had one winner and two equal runner up. First Constable Peter Rigas and First Constable Tom Crawford were both awarded the runner up title, both remain in the Sunbury Police Station however First Constable Daniel Gicevski who was the winner of the Police Person of the Year unfortunately has moved on and is now pursuing another career. See pictures on page 3. The Sunbury Rotary Club will donate to the Blue Light program which incorporates the local blue light Disco, Blue light camp, Blue edge program, Respect the badge and other activities.